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Thursday Oct 02 2014

I took a newsletter off from writing because I must admit I was in a bit of a Historical Romance moment and wasn’t doing a lot of Mystery reading. But I’m back on track with lots to tell you about!

 After some initial confusion regarding which was the first book in the series, I loved Michael Robertson’s ‘Baker Street Letters’ series. Lest you experience the same difficulty, let me emphasize that you want to make sure you start with The Baker Street Letters as I don’t think that the subsequent books will make as much sense. The Brothers of Baker Street and The Baker Street Translation follow, with book #4 Moriarty Returns a Letter due just in time for Christmas. As Sherlockian tales go, these are more ‘Elementary’ than Cumberbatch’s ‘Sherlock’, but definitely a fun and easy read.

I’ve always liked Stella Rimington, but her last couple of books have been really excellent. Her latest, Close Call, is very of the moment looking at terrorism post-Arab Spring (and interestingly, Jack found it a little too of the moment and didn’t finish it). Rimington’s writing is crisp and detailed and her characters as reassuringly competent, as you’d want MI5 agents to be. We have ordered  copies of a re-issued mass market edition of the first book in the series, At Risk, ($8.99) for anyone who might want to give the series a try.

I’m continuing to enjoy Joyce Christmas’s ‘Lady Margaret Priam’ series and have been reading through it when I’m in the store. Another no-nonsense Englishwoman generally keeping her wits about her is very soothing. We’ve got most in used, so give them a try if you’re looking for something reasonably light and non-violent.     

I’ll be honest, I’m starting to lose interest in Lauren Willig’s ‘Pink Carnation’ series, but book #12 (due in 2015)and as yet unnamed, is meant to wrap up the series, including the storyline of the Pink Carnation. I hope she can bring back her original energy and creativity.

Regular readers know how much I loved the first two books in Deborah Harkness’s ‘All Souls Trilogy’ and how much I was looking forward to the final installment The Book of Life. On first reading, I didn’t love it as much as The Discovery of Witches or Shadow of Night but there were A LOT of loose ends to tie up and a lot of information to take in. An intrepid reading of the series has put together a real-time reading calendar of The Discovery of Witches, as the series is set in the fall, and I intend to re-read the trilogy through that schedule. I think I’ll love The Book of Life more on a second reading. I’ll post the calendar on our Facebook page, but you can also email me ( and I can share it.

Although the series continues to get somewhat more ridiculous, I still loved Skin Game by Jim Butcher. The trade paperback is coming in March, but the hardcover would be a worthy Christmas gift for a fan of the series if they hadn’t picked it up yet.

I’m already fantasizing about what I’m going to read on Boxing Day, and as usual Tasha Alexander’s newest (The Counterfeir Heiress, in store October 14th) is high up on the list. Ben Aaronovitch’s Foxglove Summer (book #5 in the ‘Rivers of London’ series) is due December 30th, so that has New Year’s Day written all over it. I suspect I’ll devour the newest Benedict Jacka, Hidden, over Thanksgiving.

As many of you know I’m in the last semester of my MBA at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. This semester I’m taking an eBusiness Solutions course and our individual term project is to analyze the strategy of an actual ebusiness. I’m lucky, because I’ve got an ebusiness in the family, so I’ll be turning my attention to the Whodunit website to see if there’s anything we can be doing to make us more competitive with our competitors, better serve our customers and ultimately become more profitable. Have you any ideas about the content you’d like to see on the website or on Facebook? Send me an email at or come in and tell me about it in person from October 9th-14th.

And finally, speaking of Facebook, a little birdy told me that if you ‘like’ us on Facebook, you’ll have access to some Facebook fan only content, including super secret surprise sales. 

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