Newsletter - 2014 Bumsted Picks - Sian's Pick

Tuesday Dec 02 2014
by Sian

An Old Betrayal by Charles Finch

When we come to pick our books of the year, the rules are it needs to be a mystery published in trade paperback or mass market in 2014. But we hadn’t thought to make any rules about picking the same author two years in a row. So when I scanned my GoodReads list and discovered the only mystery I’d given 5 stars too was Charles Finch’s An Old Betrayal, I was in a pickle. Ultimately, we decided the purpose of the exercise was to tell you about the best books we’d read, it seemed unfair to punish Charles Finch just because he happened to have written my favourite book two years running. So there it is. Finch’s Charles Lenox is a brilliant and likeable character, his wife is no shrinking violet, and the rest of the cast of characters in his world are fascinating. So, start with A Beautiful Blue Death if you’re lucky enough not to have started the series yet, hop into the series where you left off, or just enjoy book #7 in a really witty and brilliant series.

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