Newsletter - 2014 Bumsted Picks - Michael's Pick

Tuesday Dec 02 2014
by Michael

World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters

Most of you will already have read, or heard me talk about how excited I am about the Last Policeman trilogy.  The first book Last Policeman sucked me in, and while the second, Countdown City did not quite meet my expectations, World of Trouble more than made up for it with a stunning conclusion, twisting and turning all the way to the very end.

Armed with the simple, if outlandish, premise that the world is going to end after being struck by an asteroid, Winters has created a believable, heart-breaking look at living, and fighting crime, in the face of apocalypse.  Hank Palace, his detective, holds the law, and the protection of his family, as paramount, despite the collapse of all real order around him.  In doing so, Palace becomes a kind of bicycle-riding, badge-wielding Quixote; a character that you believe in, and want to succeed, while also knowing that his vision of the world (and in this case, literally, the very existence of that world) has passed him by. 

Winters’ prose sucks the reader directly into that world, and gives them the sense that it is near to destruction.  I read World of Trouble in one sitting, worrying that if I put it down, that the asteroid would strike before I got to the end.

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