Newsletter - 2014 Bumsted Picks - Hannah's Pick

Tuesday Dec 02 2014
by Hannah

An Air of Treason by P. F. Chisholm

I first discovered Patricia Finney last December when I came across an Elizabethan spy novel called Firedrake's Eye in the used trade paperback section.  I thoroughly enjoy her historical fiction.   She makes Elizabethan London come to life beautifully.  She doesn't duck the uglier side of the period, including complex issues of gender and religious inequality.  All of her characters--including the lesser ones--are fully imagined, complex beings.  An Air of Treason is number 6 in a series she writes under the pseudonym P.F. Chisholm about a swashbuckling courtier named Sir Robert Carey. Carey is a real historical figure, who apparently wrote a memoir about his time as a Warden on the border between Scotland and England.  The series begins with his adventures there.  He is now back in England and is given the sensitive task of inquiring into what really happened to Amy Robsart, the wife of Elizabeth's favorite, who mysteriously fell down the stairs and died...

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