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Tuesday Aug 04 2015

For no particular reason, my GoodReads list of read books from the past eight weeks is looking a little sparse. Instead, let me tell you about some things I have in my hot little hands that I’m excited to dive into, as well as some upcoming titles.

Sometimes we assume a series is finished because an author has no upcoming releases and then suddenly a new title springs forth. Such is the case with Carrie Bebris’s ‘Mr and Mrs Darcy’ series. After a four year pause, The Suspicion at Sandition: Or, the Disappearance of Lady Denham, #7 in the series, has appeared in hardcover ($27.99). It’s been so long I may need to dip back into book #6, The Deception at Lyme, to get myself up to speed. We have copies of both in the store.

Likewise, Caro Peacock took two years away from her ‘Liberty Lane’ series, but I’m glad to see Friends in High Places (also book #7) appear in the store, (hardcover $34.50). I continue to love Ms. Lane’s street smarts and understanding of Victorian society. Seven books in, romance is still not a major plot point, which is refreshing.

Rhys Bowen’s Heirs and Graces (‘Royal Spyness #7) was not my favourite. I have high hopes for Queen of Hearts though, book #8 now available in mass market. Maybe a change of scenery to America will give the series a shot in the arm?

You might recognize Ellen Crosby’s name from her ‘Wine Country Mystery’ series, which has wrapped up. She has a new series set in Washington D.C. starring a photojournalist named Sophie Medina. I told you about the first book, Multiple Exposure, two years ago, and we have that title in the store in trade paperback (18.99). The second in the series, Ghost Image, is now available in hardcover ($29.99), and you should expect the trade paperback of that title sometime in Spring 2016.

I recommended Charlie Lovett’s The Bookman’s Tale a few years back and enjoyed his next book, First Impressions, just as much. This isn’t a series, but the themes and structure of the books are certainly similar. Some romance, some rare books, and an English setting make for a most enjoyable read. The trade paperback will be available in the store at the end of September.

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