Monday Oct 05 2015
by Whodunit

As we are all year round, we are thrilled to special order any book that is commercially available for you, crime or not. If it is intended as a Christmas or other holiday gift, please try to give us several weeks to bring it in, as sometimes orders can take longer than we’d like around the holidays. Do also note that due to the current exchange rate, some specially ordered books, particularly “print on demand” editions, will be more expensive than they have been in the past. We’ll do our best to give you a sense of cost before you order, but the final price does depend on the exchange rate at the time of invoice.

 We will, of course, continue to have gift cards available for purchase in any denomination. If you have any gift cards kicking around your person, you can check the balance in store or at our webstore. Speaking of the webstore, you can continue to check if a book is in stock or place orders. If you’re out of town, you can place orders either to be shipped (and we can confirm postage) or to be picked up in store if you’re in town for the holidays or by a loved one. We are relieved that Jack will be back in the store to offer his recommendations this holiday, as we know we weren’t alone in missing him last year.

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