Monday Oct 05 2015

Despite a number of reminders at first gentle and as the deadline moved closer and to be honest passed, a little terse, I somehow did not manage to get anything written for this edition of the newsletter in a timely fashion.  And so five days late here I am. 

Recently, I have been reading a lot off the used shelves, partly because we have been moving books around as well as putting recently acquired books on the shelves.  The problem with writing about used books is that we generally, although not always, only have single copies of titles and they could have been bought by the time the newsletter went to print. Here are a few of my favourites:

Charlotte Macleod writes a number of series, my two favourites are the Sarah Kelling and the Peter Shandy series.  The Sarah Kelling series is set in Boston, the first book The Family Vault, introduces us to the Kellings, who are an old Boston family. The family has its share of eccentrics and those eccentricities become more exaggerated as the series progresses.  Good plots and interesting people.  Peter Shandy is a professor at the Balaclava Agricultural College in Maine. In the first book God Rest Ye..., Shandy, a bachelor, leaves town for Christmas. Leaving behind him a house decorated with reindeers on the roof, Father Christmases in the front yard and loud music, whose controls are in securely locked steel boxes.  For eighteen years, a number of his neighbours have been trying to persuade him to follow the Balaclava tradition and decorate the outside of his house, requests Shandy has refused. This year, annoyed by the constant badgering he seeks his revenge. As might be imagined mischief and mayhem follow.

Veronica Heley, is a British writer, who has a number of series. The one that I have been reading is the Ellie Quickie series. Quickie is a widow, who lives in London, and is often asked to help people out of difficulties.  Much of the series is based in the area in which Ellie lives and has a small town village feel. Also British is Christine Green, her character Kate Kinsella is a PI who travels to various parts of Britain.

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