Newsletter: Bumsted Picks of 2015: Sian's Pick

Monday Nov 30 2015
by Whodunit

Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King

(TP, $21.00)

Despite teasing that I might choose Charles Finch as my favourite book for the third year in a row, I did not, mostly because I haven’t read Home by Nightfall yet. I’m afraid, though, that the author and series of my pick for favourite book is a repeat offender, Laurie R. King’s Dreaming Spies, #13 in the ‘Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes’ series.

I was not the only one who didn’t love Pirate King. Garment of Shadows was better. But Dreaming Spies is King, and by virtue Russell and Holmes, back at her best. The story is set in part between The Game (#7) and Locked Rooms (#8), but also chronologically after Garment of Shadows. I loved the backstory of what happened to Russell and Holmes in Asia and I also love storylines where Russell goes off on her own. My favourite line was, “…once inside I would find warmth, refreshment . . . and silence.

Holmes and I had been in each other’s pockets for a bit too long.” (Because we’ve all felt it, am I right?).

I continue to believe this series is wonderful for all ages, particularly if you have a precocious young female reader to buy for (although some explanation of early twentieth century drug use may be required). Dreaming Spies is a great peek into Japanese culture and sets up what is surely to be a thrilling story in the provocatively titled next title in the series The Murder of Mary Russell.

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