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Monday Nov 30 2015

Pastiche is a literary device often regarded with some suspicion, but one very popular with writers.  A whole sub-branch of the pastiche world is occupied by Sherlock Holmes, who has stimulated more literary pastiche than any other fictional character.  The book club will be examining Holmes pastiche in the spring. New members are cordially invited to join the fun.

MTS currently offers as one of its video on demand movies a brilliant Holmes pastiche, titled simply MR. HOLMES.  In it the fine actor Ian McKellen explores the great detective in his old age beekeeping phase.  A lovely movie.

The group continues to meet on the last Tuesday of the month. Books and dates for the Winter are as follows:

Tuesday, January 26th - Laurie R. King, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

Tuesday, February 23rd - June Thomson, The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes

Tuesday, March 29th - Anthony Horowitz, House of Silk

All three titles are now available for purchase at the store and feature a 10% discount. Questions for discussion will be available a few weeks before the meeting.

I know that some non-members of the group do read the assigned titles. If you would like to have the questions that Jack writes, please let us know and we will email them to you or you can ask for a copy when you are in the store. 

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