Newsletter: A Note on Book Prices

Monday Feb 01 2016
by Whodunit

As we mentioned in the fall, the drop of the Canadian dollar has meant that it is somewhat more expensive for us to bring in books that can only be ordered through U.S. distributors. This does not mean we will stop ordering those books, nor will we stop taking special orders for any book that you would desire to get your hands on (even if it’s not a mystery). That said, you may see some higher prices than you’ve seen in the past on those titles. We can always give you a price estimate on what the pricing should be, but the final price won’t be determined until we are invoiced (and that price will depend on the exchange). For these special orders, we would request your especial cooperation on picking those titles up.

Don’t forget that you can always check on our webstore (found here: to see if we have a book in stock. If it’s available in store or on order, you can reserve your copy. If it’s not in store, you can order a copy and have it shipped to you (we’ll contact you about shipping costs) or pick it up in store.

We’re cooking up lots of exciting ideas for the year, including a new website, so stay tuned for further developments!

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