Friday Jan 30 2009
by Michael

One of the things that I have always enjoyed is collecting things - baseball cards, comics, at one point the toys out of Kinder eggs, and as an adult, books.  For me, it all began with the remaindered sections at our larger competitors.  The opportunity to get a hardcover first edition of a book that I had loved for less than the cost of the paperback that I had originally read it in was often too much to pass up. 

Then, first editions and hardcovers of books I had enjoyed as a child bought from used bookshops and from the internet.  As time has gone on I have tended towards different editions of books I already have, editor’s specials and misprints and the like. These are the factors that make books more valuable.  A misprinted cover page, a skewed title, blue instead of green lettering for the title, or a limited print run can mean as much in changing a books value as to what edition it is, what format it comes in or whether it is still in print.     

I have recently been going through the collectible books at the back of the store and there have been quite a few surprises. The quality of the story or the author is not always indicative of the price nor is the age of the work.  The truth is that some books carry more value for collectors than others and therefore come with higher price tags.   Our collectible section tends to be overlooked by many of our customers.  Whether it is because of the prices, the confines of the space or simply because the authors that tend to fill it are not what people are looking for I cannot say. 

So in an attempt to free up some of our shelf space and to promote the rediscovery of some of these gems, the collectible volumes we have in the store, whether they be hard covers, trade papers or mass markets will join the other used books and go on sale at the end of February.  If you are in the mood for something new, why don't you try something from there?  You may find something that was popular a long time ago, or not popular at all when it was first released but is sought after now. And you might have found another author to read.

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