Book Notes

Friday Jan 30 2009
by Sian

Like many of you, my Christmas stocking was filled to the brim with books, many of which I haven’t even had a chance to crack open yet. But for those of you who had a good chunk of vacation and blew through their pile of books, let me make a few suggestions on what I’ve been enjoying lately.

I read Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid, so when Lisa Lutz’s book THE SPELLMAN FILES was described as “Janet Evanovich meets Nancy Drew” I knew I had to pick it up. The dysfunctional Spellman family consists of Mom and Dad (who run their own private investigation firm), brother David (the sane lawyer), sister Rae (the 14 year old rebel) and Izzy (living at home and working for the family business). Izzy gets herself into all manner of scrapes while in the pursuit of a normal life (which with this family is nearly impossible to achieve). The first book (available in mass market in February) will leave you wanting more, which is convenient, because the second book THE CURSE OF THE SPELLMANS will be available in trade paperback in February. Then, because you loved it so much, you’ll be ready to buy the hardcover of the third book REVENGE OF THE SPELLMANS in March. All titles are, of course, available for pre-order.

I promised in the summer that I was going to start reading Madelyn Alt’s “Bewitching Mystery” series, and I’m now on book three. Starting with THE TROUBLE WITH MAGIC, the series revolves around Maggie O’Neill, a young woman who lives in a small town in Indiana. She quickly finds herself out of a job, but is quickly offered another job by the quirky Felicity Dow who owns a local shop called Enchantments. Maggie soon discovers she has some supernatural talents and aligns herself with likeminded people in the town. Continuing on with A CHARMED DEATH, HEX MARKS THE SPOT, and NO REST FOR THE WICCAN, this is a very cozy and light series with a little magic and a little romance. The fifth book WHERE THERE’S A WITCH, will be available in July (let us know if you’d like to reserve a copy). The first four books are available in store, in both new and (often) used.

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