Whodunit February Bestsellers

Sunday Mar 08 2009
by Whodunit

Customers often come in to the store looking for recommendations on what to read next. We usually tell you what we're enjoying, but have you ever wondered what other people are enjoying? Check out the bestsellers (by category) at Whodunit for the month of February.

A.  Hardcover
1.  Night and Day, Robert B. Parker  Putnam
2. Arctic Chill,  Arnaldur Indridason, Random House
3. Death of aWitch, M.C. Beaton , Hachette
4.  Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon, Nancy Atherton,  Viking
5.  All the Colours of Darkness, Peter Robinson, McClelland & Stewart.
6.  Where Memories Lie,  Deborah Crombie, Morrow
7.  The Associate, John Grisham, Doubleday

B  Trade Paper
1.  August Heat, Andrea Camilleri, Penguin
2.  Grave Goods, Arianna Franklin, Penguin
3.  Cream Puff Murder, Joanne Fluke, Kensington
     Bleeding Heart Square, Andrew Taylor, Penguin
4.  The Going Rate, John Brady, Headline
5. Murder in the Rue Paradis, Cara Black, Soho
6.  This Night's Foul Work, Fred Vargas, Knopf
7.  Revelation,  C.J. Sansom, Random House
8.  Terra Incognita, Ruth Downie, Bloomsbury
9. Shadow in the River,   Frode Grytten, Littlejohn
10.  Game Over,  Cynthia Harrod-Eagles,  Severn House

C  Mass Market
1.  Aunt Dimity Vampire Hunter. Nancy Atherton, Penguin
2.  Stranger in Paradise, Robert B. Parker, Berkeley
3.  Carrot Cake Murder, Joanne Fluke, Kensington
4.  Mummy Dearest, Joan Hess, St. Martin's
5.  Evil in Carnations, Kate Collins, Signet
6.  Killing Frost,  R.D Wingfield, Random House
7.  Prophecy of Death,  Michael Jecks, Headline
8.  Bookmarked  for Death, Lorna Barrett, Berkeley
9.  Corked by Cabernet, Michelle Scott, Berkeley
10.  A Lie for a Lie, Emilie Richards, Berkeley
      Homicide in Hardcover, Kate Carlisle,  Signet

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