Friday May 01 2009

Has your favourite TV personality written a mystery?  This year seems to have a bumper crop of TV actors/personalities penning mysteries. Whether you are a fan of 24 hour cable news (BBC or CNN), prime time or daytime programming one of the people that you watch may have written a mystery.  One early entrant in February was Joan Rivers’  Murder at the Academy Awards.  Gavin Esler who hosts Dateline London amongst other things on the BBC News Channel has written four previous novels.

The plot of his latest Power Play, to be published in June, revolves around the disappearance of the American Vice President while on a visit to the Queen at Balmoral.   In The Eleventh Victim, the life of the heroine seems to have some parallels with the life of the author herself. Nancy  Grace, now a regular on CNN and HLN, was a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia until the murder of her fiancé.  This is also the situation for her protagonist, Hailey Dean, who leaves Georgia for New York after the murder of her fiancé.  Richard Belzer, started to play Detective John Munch on Homicide in 1993 and continues the character on Law & Order: SVU. In September, Belzer’s debut mystery I Am Not A Cop! will be published.  This is a humorous mystery in which Belzer finds it impossible to separate himself from the character he plays on television.  As mentioned elsewhere Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. Gregory House) is publishing his second novel The Paper Soldiers, in September.  Eileen Davidson, well known as Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless, has her second novel out in June. Dial Emmy for Murder is a sequel to last year’s Death in Daytime, and as the titles suggest these novels are firmly rooted in the world of soap opera.

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