Friday May 01 2009
by Sian

Something nobody tells you about starting a new relationship is the adverse effect someone in your life has on your TV watching and reading. Where I used to get through several mass markets a week, now I'm lucky if I can get through one. So now I'm trying to balance my reading for work, reading for pleasure, and reading for the store. Fortunately, the latest series on my list qualified for both pleasure reading and store reading.
My mother suggested 'The Gourmet Girl Mystery Series' by Jessica Conant-Park and her mother Susan Conant because it would appeal to my love of romantic comedies and food. The first book in the series, Steamed, introduces us to Chloe Carter as she enters a masters program in social work so that she can claim her inheritance. Chloe loves food, but has some man troubles. To combat the latter, she enrolls on an online dating website, but unfortunately finds her date dead in the bathroom after a disappointing dinner. Much hi-jinks ensue, of course, but Steamed ends happily and deliciously. I've just started Simmer Down and have Turn Up the Heat waiting for me.
My mother's other thought was that I could sample one of the recipes at the end of each book, but given the time crunch I found them a little complicated for a quicky Sunday night dinner. Still, there are full recipes for a several course romantic dinner, so I think I will try and add them to the dinner rotation.
Once I get through Gourmet Girl, I'm looking forward to the new Victoria Laurie (Ghouls Just Haunt to have Fun), the new Casey Daniels (Night of the Loving Dead), and the subject of my next newsletter piece Kelley Armstrong's, Made to be Broken.

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