Friday May 01 2009

These lists are as complete as we can make them but there are always additions. From June on we plan to be updating the lists on the website on a regular basis, to alert our customers to new releases.
MAY 2009 Hardback

Barnard, Robert:  Killings on Jubilee Terrace  28.00
Block, Lawrence:  Step By Step      32.99    
Cantrell, Rebecca:  Trace of Smoke, A   31.95    
Connelly, Michael:  Scarecrow,The  30.99        
Deutermann, P T:  Nightwalkers  31.95    
Duncan, Elizabeth J:  Cold Light of Mourn    27.95    
Emery, Anne:  Cecilian Vespers       24.95    
Gabbay, Tom:   Tehran Conviction, The  32.99
Grant, Andrew:  Even      31.95    
Hall, Tarquin:  Case of the Missing Servant 29.99
Harris, Charlaine:  Dead and Gone          28.50
Hart, John:  Last Child, The      31.95
Hill, Susan:  Beacon, The    22.95    
Johnson, Denis:  Nobody Move  24.99
Jordan, R.:  Talent for Murder, A          26.95    
Knopf, Chris:  Hard Stop              
Letemendia, Claire:  Best of Men, The   34.99
Levine, Laura: Killer Cruise  26.95    
Liang, Diane Wei: Paper Butterfly  28.00
McGilloway, Brian:  Bleed a River Deep      24.95    
Pears, Iain:  Stone's Fall     34.95        
Preston, Douglas:  Cemetery Dance         29.99    
Sandford, John:  Wicked Prey    29.50    
Smith, Tom Rob:  Secret Speech, The      27.99
Stanley, Michael:  Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu     26.95    
Tope, Rebecca:  Slaughter in the Cotswolds  41.95
Viets, Elaine:  Killer Cuts    25.00    
Wall, Kathryn R:  Covenant Hall     27.95    

May 2009 Tradepaper

Ashley, Mike:  Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures      16.50    
Bidulka, Anthony:  Aloha, Candy Hearts   19.95
Booth, Stephen:  Kill Call       22.95    
Cooper, Glenn:  Library of the Dead    21.99    
Delany, Vicki:  Gold Digger          18.95
Ellis, Kate:  Perfect Death, A       19.95    
Grabenstein, Chris:  Hell Hole                    18.95    
Haines, Kathryn:  Winter in June      14.95
Hillerman, Tony:  New Omnibus of Crime  21.95    
Hockensmith, Steve:  Black Dove, The: A "Holmes on the Range novel” 16.95
Jackson, L M:  Mesmerist's Apprentice     21.95
Jakubowski, Maxim:  Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries      16.50    
Kaddour, Hedi:  Waltenberg       23.95        
Margolin, Phillip:  Fugitive Intl     22.99
Martin, Andrew:  Death on a Branch Line    16.00    
Padura, Leonardo:  Havana Fever           16.50    
Sherez, Stav:  Black Monastery, The    23.00    
Smallman, Phyllis:  Sex in a Sidecar       24.95    
Swarup, Vikas:  Six Suspects           24.99        
Trigell, Jonathan:  Cham      20.00    
Upson, Nicola:  Expert in Murder, An    14.95    
Willett, Jincy:  Writing Class, The      18.00        

May 2009 Mass Market Paperback

Abbott, Tony:  Postcard, The              6.99
Blair, J:  Lancelot Murders, The    9.99    
Bond, Stephanie:  5 Bodies to Die For   7.99        
Box, C.J.:  Blood Trail          9.99    
Brennan, Allison:  Fatal Secrets             9.99    
Burke, Alafair:  Angel's Tip               8.99    
Burke, James Lee:  Swan Peak                12.99    
Burke, Jan:  Bones           9.99    
Cutler, Judith:      Still Waters        10.95        
Deutermann, P T:  Moonpool, The        9.99    
Dewey, Laurel:  Protector              8.99    
Dowd, Siobhan:  London Eye Mystery   8.50    
Faulks, Sebastian:      Devil May Care      10.99    
Gardner, Lisa:   Say Goodbye       10.99            
Green, Kate:  Black Dreams        6.99
Greenlaw, Linda:  Fisherman's Bend   8.99
Harris, Charlaine:  Last Scene  Alive     9.99        
Hess, Joan:  Busy Bodies            8.99
Howard, Linda:  Death Angel      9.99    
Johansen, Iris:  Dark Summer     9.99        
Jordan, R.T.:  Final Curtain                 8.49
Lavene, Joyce:  Corpse for Yew, A    9.99
Ludlum, Robert:  Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction,  11.99    
Maffini, Mary  Jane: Death Loves a Messy Office     8.50    
McGilloway, Brian:  Gallows Lane     9.99    
Meier, Leslie:  Fathers Day Murder        8.49    
Myers, Tamar:  Poison Ivory        8.99        
Parker, Barbara:  Dark of Day, The           9.95
Parker, Robert B.:  Resolution             12.50    
Patterson, James:  Sail            11.99    
Reich, Christopher: Rules of Deception   9.99        
Rollins, James:  Last Oracle, The    8.99    
Sandford, John:  Phantom Prey        12.50    
Spencer-Fleming, Julia:  I Shall Not Want    9.99    
Staub, Wendy Corsi:  Dead Before Dark       9.99    
Stewart, Trenton Lee:  Mysterious Benedict  7.99
Sweeney, Leann:  The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse   8.50
Templeton, Aline:  Lamb to the Slaughter  10.99
Thor, Brad:  Last Patriot, The    12.99        
Viets, Elaine:  Clubbed to Death     8.50    
Wolfe, Inger Ash:  Calling, The                   9.99    
Woods, Stuart:  Hot Mahogany       12.50        

June 2009 Hardcover

Box, C.J.:  Below Zero         27.50    
Castillo, Linda:  Sworn to Silence       27.95    
Connolly, John:  Lovers, The         34.00    
Coulter, Catherine:  Knockout         33.50
Davidson, MaryJanice:  Undead and Unwelcome 31.00    
Deaver, Jeffery:  Roadside Crosses   29.99    
Deighton, Len:  Action Cook Book  Reissue 21.95
Doherty, Paul:  Darkening Glass  34.95
Evanovich, Janet:  Finger Lickin' Fifteen    30.95
Gardiner, Meg:  Memory Collector, The    28.50    
Green, Simon:  Spy Who Haunted Me, The 31.00
Griffin, W.E.B.:  Traffickers, The    29.50    
Hamilton, Laurell:  Skin Trade             33.50
Hess, Joan:  Merry Wives of Maggog   27.95
Hurwitz, Gregg:  Trust No One       31.95        
Johnson, Craig:  Dark Horse, The      27.50
Lescroart, John:  Plague of Secrets, A    33.50    
Parker, Robert B.:  Brimstone        28.50
Patterson, James:  Swimsuit           30.99    
Pattison, Eliot:  Lord of Death, The   33.00        
Pearson, Ridley:  Killer Summer      27.50    
Robinson, Peter:  Price of Love and Other Stories  32.99    
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor:  Cheater, The       31.95
Sims, Elizabeth:  Extra, The              31.95    
Thor, Brad:  Apostle, The        34.99    
Van Lustbader, Eric:  Robert Ludlum's TM The Bourne Deception   30.99
Vasquez, Ian:  Lonesome Point       31.95        

July 2009  Tradepaper and Hardcover

Abbott, Megan:  Bury Me Deep   19.99
Cleeves, Ann:  White Nights     17.99
Finch, Charles:  September Society  15.50
Genelin, Michael:  Siren of the Waters    18.00
Grimsdale, Peter:  Perfect Night      14.95        
Hallinan, Timothy:  Fourth Watcher, The  17.99
Jones, Tobias:      Salati Case, The        23.00
Kane, Cornelius:  Unscratchables, The     18.99    
La Plante, Lynda:  Deadly Intent          19.99    
Littell, Robert:  Visiting Professor,    16.50        
Loehfelm, Bill:  Fresh Kills            16.50    
Martinez, Guillermo:  Book of Murder, The 17.50
Mills, Jenni:  Sunwise      22.95
Nabb, Magdalen:  Marshal at the Villa Torrini 17.00        
Nabb, Magdalen:  Vita Nuova             18.00    
Parker, I.J.:  Convict's Sword, The     18.50
Rayne, Sarah:  Ghost Song         19.99
Saylor, Steven:  Triumph of Caesar,The  18.99
Shrier, Howard:  High Chicago       19.95
Steiner, Peter:  L'assassin       17.99
Wilson, F P:  Touch, The     18.99
Wilson, Laura:  An Empty Death      24.95
Wise, Sarah:  Blackest Streets, The    22.95    

July 2009 Mass Market Paperback

Abbott, Jeff:  Collision     9.99
Alt, Madelyn:  Where There's a Wit    9.99        
Andrews, Donna:  Cockatiels at Seven    8.99
Beaton, M C:  Potted Gardener, The    8.99        
Bell, Ted:  Tsar                  12.99    
Blackwell, Juliet:  Secondhand Spirits     8.50    
Bowen, Rhys:  Royal Pain, A           9.99        
Brown, Sandra:  Smoke Screen          12.99        
Browne, Robert Gregory:  Kill Her Again   9.99
Christopher, Paul:  Sword of the Templar    9.99
Connolly, Sheila:  Rotten to the Core      8.50        
Coulter, Catherine:  Tailspin                9.99        
Crosby, Ellen:  Bordeaux Betrayal, The     8.99    
Dahl, K.O. :  Last Fix, The       10.99    
Douglas, Carole Nelson:  Cat in a Sapphire Slipper  9.99        
Evanovich, Janet:  Fearless Fourteen   9.99
Francis, Dick & Felix:  Silks      9.99        
Frey, Stephen W.:  Forced Out       9.99
Harris, Charlaine:  Poppy Done to Death    9.99    
Higgins, Jack:  Rough Justice         12.50        
Hinze, Vicki:  Kill Zone              8.95
Jardine, Quintin:  Aftershock             10.99
Judson, Daniel:  Water's Edge, The   9.99
Maron, Margaret:  Death's Half Acre   9.50
McGee, Chaz:  Desolate Angel         8.50    
Morgan, Kaye:  Killer Sudoku       8.50
Olson, Karen:  Missing Ink, The     8.50        
Ormerod, Jan:  Over in the Clover  12.95
Parrish, Leslie:  Fade to Black          9.99        
Rabkin, William:  Psych: Mind Over Magic     8.50
Rickman, Phil:  Remains of an Altar   13.50        
Rose, Karen:  Kill for Me        8.50        
Ross, Joann:  Breakpoint             9.99
Silva, Daniel:  Moscow Rules       12.50            
Waits, Martyn:  Speak No Evil       9.99
Wilson, Laura:  Stratton's War     14.95
August 2009 Hardcover

Andrews, Donna:  Swan for the Money     31.99
Brown, Sandra:  Smash Cut         29.99
Cotterill, Colin:  Merry Misogynist    33.00
Crosby, Ellen:  Riesling Retribution   32.99
Douglas, Carole Nelson:  Cat in a Topaz Tango      31.99    
Ferrigno, Robert:  Heart of the Assassin  34.00    
Frey, Stephen W.:      Hell's Gate  32.99
Grace, Nancy:      Eleventh Victim, The  31.99
Granger, Ann:  Mud, Muck and Dead Things 34.95    
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton:  Mortal Friends     26.95
Jance, J. A.:  Fire and Ice      31.95
Knight, Bernard:  Crowner Royal          32.00
Mankell, Henning:  When the Snow Fell      17.99    
Maron, Margaret:  Sand Sharks             27.99    
Reichs, Kathy:  206 Bones  34.99        
Rosenfelt, David:  New Tricks    27.99
Shuman, George D:  Second Sight            32.99
White, Stephen:  Seige, The     28.50

August 2009  Tradepaper

Bale, Tom:  Skin and Bones     24.95
Buchanan, Edna:  Legally Dead               19.99    
Cleave, Paul:  Cemetery Lake           19.95    
Cotterill, Colin:  Curse of the Pogo Stick     17.95
Doherty, Paul:  Darkening Glass, The     15.95
Dunlap, Susan:  Hungry Ghosts      19.50
Fossum, Karin:  Water's Edge, The      24.95
Fyfield, Frances:  Blood from Stone         16.00
Greanias, Thomas:  Atlantis Revelation    19.99
Kaplan, Janice:  Job to Kill for, A  18.99
Kellerman, Faye:  Blindman's Bluff In    22.99
Le Carre, John:  Most Wanted Man, A        16.00
McMahon, Neil:  Dead Silver        17.99    
Mosby, Steve:  Still Bleeding      24.95        
Pronzini, Bill:  Fever                      18.99        
Roy, Allyson:  Babydoll            15.50    P    
Sawhney (Edt) :  Delhi Noir          15.95        
Stock, Jon:  Dead Spy Running   22.95        
Welsh, Irvine:  Crime                  19.95        
White, Thomas:  Book of Matthew, The     18.95    
Wilson, Elizabeth:  War Damage           15.95    

August 2009 Mass Market

Billingham, Mark:  In the Dark        10.99        
Bracegirdle, P J:  Fiendish Deeds    7.99    
Brennan, Allison:  Cutting Edge    9.99
Deaver, Jeffery:  Bodies Left Behind,    12.99        
Doherty, Paul:  Nightshade             10.99    
Flynn, Vince:  Extreme Measures       12.99        
Fossum, Karin:  Broken                 12.99
French, Tana:  Likeness               10.99
Jecks, Michael:  King of Thieves, The    10.99        
Vine, Barbara:  Birthday Present        10.99

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