Whodunit April Bestsellers

Sunday May 10 2009
by Whodunit

Check out the bestsellers for April at Whodunit!

1. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built, Alexander McCall Smith
2. No Lovelier Death,  Graham Hurley,
3. The Poisoning at the Pub,  Simon Brett

Trade Paper
1. The Private Patient, P.D. James
2. The Girl of His Dreams,  Donna Leon
3. Day Into Night,  Dave Hugelshaffer
4. The Eye of the Lepoard, Henning Mankell
5. The Forgery of Venus, Michael  Gruber
6. The Ignorance of Blood, Robert Wilson
7. Blood at the Bookies, Simon Brett
8. A Case of Two Cities,  Qiu Xiaolong
9. Red Mandarin Dress, Qiu Xiaolong
10. Gun Seller, Hugh Laurie

Mass Market
1. Careless in Red, Elizabeth George
2. Buckingham Palace Gardens, Anne Perry
3. The Body in the Gallery, Katherine Hall Page
4. Death Walked In,  Carolyn G. Hart
5. Tell Me Pretty Maiden, Rhys Bowen
6. Never Say Sty, Linda  O Johnston
7. Price of Darkness, Graham Hurley
8. Kill All the Judges, William Deverell
9. Shadow of Power, Steve Martini
10. Mistress of the Art of Death, Arianna Franklin

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