Books that Help You Understand and Practice Good Sleeping Habits

Good mattresses & sleep go together. Still it is important that, it would help if you will understand the concept of good sleeping habits through books. If you are also interested in philosophy, science, history, and the theory of good sleep, books are ideal. They are also great to cap off a busy day.
Continue reading to know books that can help you understand the role of your fears and mindset to get quality sleep.
Sleep: Harness the Power of Sleep for Optimal Health and Wellbeing by Petra Hawker
The book makes it easy to …

Thrillers For The Pandemic Era

Pandemic-related thrillers are extremely popular during these coronavirus times. This guide provides the best titles of the sub-genre to get readers started.
From Stephen King to José Saramago, these novels range across different contemporary and classic styles.
I Am Legend
In Richard Matheson’s I am Legend, the entire world has been transformed into vampires and Neville is the last man standing. All the vampires are hungry for his blood.
Neville hunts during the day and creates a fortress in the night. For how long will he survive the war for his blood?
The Plague
The author of The Plague …

September 2020: The Most Intriguing Thrillers

September 2020 has gifted us with some of the most intriguing mystery, crime, and thriller books ever. Our top picks include The Sleeping Nymph, Next to Last Stand, as well as Mistletoe, Moussaka & Murder.
The Sleeping Nymph – Ilaria Tuti
This sequel is centered on Superintendent Teresa Battaglia. Teresa returns to the Italian force to work on a cold case of a murder investigation. The results from DNA analysis revealed a painting with particles extracted from the heart of a human.
Before Teresa has fully cracked the case, another murder takes place, and a human heart has been extracted displayed as a warning …

Female Crime Writers To Watch Out For

Ausma Khan
Ausma Khan is the British-Canadian author of the Rachel Getty series. The series is based in Toronto, featuring a Muslim detective and his partner who are entangled in crimes of a  vulnerable post 9/11 world.
Khan earned her doctorate in the law of international human rights. She believes that the world is a very political place for minorities and discusses these themes in her books. She intentionally features minorities as the leads in her novels, bringing readers into seeing the world from their eyes.
Janet Kellough
Kellough is a note-worthy author who began with one book that turned into a …