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Newsletter - Newsletter Mailing Update
As we mentioned in the February newsletter, as of June we will no longer be doing a mass paper mailing of The Missing Clue, due to changes in postal rates. Out of town customers will continue to receive their newsletter in the mail, although we?d encourage you to receive by email. read more

Newsletter - Spinning off from the Sherlockian Canon
One of the most fascinating (and complex) stories in the history of popular culture is that of Sherlock Holmes, created in 1887 by a young unknown writer named Arthur Conan Doyle. read more

Newsletter - Reviews by Michael
The Last Policeman - Ben H. Winter (tp$14.95)
Although described as a science fiction crossover, The Last Policeman is set in the present day and in a non-fantastical world. That is, of course, except for the asteroid... read more

Newsletter - Interview with Vicki Delany
I had the pleasure of interviewing Vicki Delany, author of the ?Constable Molly Smith? and ?Klondike Mystery? series, in February in Toronto. Her newest Molly Smith, Under Cold Stone, is on sale April 1st. read more

Terry Pratchett Nights
On March 13 2014, Whodunit? hosted an evening devoted to Terry Pratchett, part of our continuing effort to provide our customers with collective reading experiences of less traditional authors. read more

Review: The Baker Street Translation by Michael Robertson
One of the most ubiquitous categories of crime fiction in our store is the Sherlockiana, pastiches of several sorts taking off from Conan Doyle?s original character. read more

Staff Picks and Reviews Reviews Archives

YA Reviews - The Winter Horses and Etiquette & Espionage
Some of the best books in our store are categorized by their publishers as ?Young Adult? (or ?YA?). read more

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