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The Glenn Miller Story
Sometimes real-life mysteries can be more fascinating and intricate than those developed in the twisted brains of crime fiction writers. The world was fascinated for weeks by the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines airplane, for example, and we still have no resolution. read more

Review: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
By now every crime fiction fan knows the story of J. K. Rowling?s venture into the genre. She published one cosy novel under her own name, respectfully reviewed, than published another under a pseudonym that was much more enthusiastically received. read more

May Bestsellers
It's going to be a rainy weekend, so that means it is time to stock up on books! Here is what your fellow customers were buying last month.
Mass Market Victoria Thompson, Murder in Chelsea Diana Mott Davidson, Whole... read more

Newsletter - Recent Writing for Kids and Young Adults by Jack
When I was a kid, many thousands of years ago, I carefully saved my pennies. When I had twenty-five of them, I would take myself to the local Woolworth?s store and buy another Hardy Boys book in its dun-coloured hard cover. read more

Newsletter - Summer Reading by Wendy
Summer reading means a return to old favourites and trying out new authors. read more

Newsletter - What I'm Reading by Sian
I?m afraid that I must confess my reading over the last few months has entailed historical romance, urban fantasy, and series that are now largely out of print. That said, a quick scan of the lists for the summer reveal some things to look forward to. read more

Newsletter - Mysteries on Television by Wendy
Masterpiece Mystery starts its Summer 2014 season on Sunday, June 15th. The first series is a two part legal thriller called ‘The Escape Artist’. The leading character, a defence lawyer, is played by David Tennant who... read more

Review: The Baker Street Translation by Michael Robertson
One of the most ubiquitous categories of crime fiction in our store is the Sherlockiana, pastiches of several sorts taking off from Conan Doyle?s original character. read more

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Review: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules
Whodunit? has a substantial number of customers who qualify as senior citizens, and we suspect that seniors constitute a fair percentage of the overall audience for crime fiction. Nevertheless, older folk do not often feature ?... read more

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