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Newsletter - Authors for Indies Day
WhoDunit? is pleased to be hosting an event for the national "Authors for Indies Day" (http://www.authorsforindies.com), on Saturday, May 2nd. read more

Newsletter - Bumsted on Holmes by Jack
Clearly one of the most fascinating (and complex) stories in the history of popular culture is that of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective created in 1887 by a young unknown writer named Arthur Conan Doyle. read more

Newsletter - Store Bulletins by Michael
More ways to buy, Mother?s Day is the tenth of May, Prairie Theatre Exchange?s ?Hound of the Baskervilles? read more

Newsletter - Television News by Wendy
Lots of mysteries being broadcast, or being prepared for broadcast at the moment. read more

Newsletter - What I'm Reading by Sian
My sabbatical between finishing my MBA and starting my new job allowed me a lot of time to read in February and my new commute also provides lots of opportunities, so I?m already at 40 books read for 2015. read more

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