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The Webstore has Moved!!
To visit the webstore proper, please click link below or go to https://bookmanager.com/117455x read more

Newsletter: In Memorium 2015 by Jack
The year 2015 was marred by the deaths of several of our most popular authors, notably Ruth Rendell (aka Barbara Vine) and Henning Mankell, as well as several others. read more

Newsletter: Marlowe & Shakespeare - Agents of the Crown? by Michael
The Elizabethan/Jacobean period is one that is regularly mined for historical mysteries. read more

Newsletter: Bits and Pieces by Wendy
REVIEW: The Blood Strand by Chris Ould (TP, $19.50), Cats and More Cats..., REVIEW: The Princeling of Nanjing by Ian Hamilton (TP, $19.95) read more

Newsletter: What I'm Reading by Sian
I am sitting on a 'to read' pile about a mile high, as well as a dedicated 'to read' bookshelf, and yet I still worry I'm going to run out of things to read! Fortunately, not only do many of my favourite authors keep writing books, but I keep finding older series to catch up on! read more

Newsletter: A Note on Book Prices
As we mentioned in the fall, the drop of the Canadian dollar has meant that it is somewhat more expensive for us to bring in books that can only be ordered through U.S. distributors. This does... read more

Newsletter: Mystery Reading Group
The book club will be examining Holmes pastiche in the spring. read more

Please note that this webstore is not currently accepting orders and any orders received will be voided. read more

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