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Newsletter: The Shepherd's Crown Launch Party
Beloved Whodunit? favourite Terry Pratchett?s final ?Discworld? novel, The Shepherd?s Crown, will be released on Tuesday, September 1st. read more

Newsletter: Summer Recommendations by Jack
About ten years ago I picked up an ARC (advanced readers copy) written by a Swedish writer I had never heard of. Twenty pages into the book I was hooked, and within a few months so too were millions of others. read more

Newsletter: "Mr. Holmes" Movie Review by Michael
A Slight Trick of the Mind was a book which passed us by without much comment. Written by American Mitch Cullin, it investigates an aged Holmes in self-enforced exile in southern England, save, it seems, for a trip to post WWII Japan. read more

Newsletter: What I'm Reading by Sian
For no particular reason, my GoodReads list of read books from the past eight weeks is looking a little sparse. Instead, let me tell you about some things I have in my hot little hands that I?m excited to dive into, as well as some upcoming titles. read more

Newsletter: On Book Formats, Prices, and Special Orders
As the world of publishing constantly changes, sometimes even we struggle to keep up. We thought we might provide a quick primer on some terms you see regularly in the newsletter (or hear us talk about), as well as some commentary about prices and special orders. read more

Newsletter: Books for Young Men by Michael
We have really had a tough time, over the years in getting truly good genre appropriate crime fiction for the older teenaged male (14+). It is a discrepancy made even starker by the vast amount of such works available for their female peers. read more

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