The Night Piece (2013) by André Alexis

This piece has a dreamlike, uncanny, and bizarre quality and displays Alexis’ strength and writing finesse.
It is set in Toronto Western Hospital’s ward. The ward centered on is the otherworldly version of the ward in the hospital.
The novella displays the corrosive atmosphere of fame, the irritating pettiness of literary poseurs and careerists as well as the fatally shooting reviewers whose only ability is to expressly fixate on their angle of interpretation.
It is a deep wellspring of literary art, and the final beauty of the mystery revealed at the end of the plot is mind-blowing.
Baddely, the …

Three Crime Novels You Must Read

Three new crime fiction has been released by Canadian novelists.
A Great Reckoning – Louise Penny
It is set in to cement author Louise Penny as one of the greatest gems Canada has ever seen in crime fiction.
The Great Reckoning is loaded with complex and masterful plots, profound compassion, and luminous prose.  The hero of the series, Armand, is a Montreal detective that has retired. He decided to accept the challenge of heading the police academy in Quebec. Unfortunately, the academy is very corrupt. He takes on the daunting task of cleaning it up.
The mysterious death of an academy instructor adds …

Canadian Mysteries That You Must Read

Have you been searching for a good read? Here are some suggestions:
Thomas King – Cold Skies
Dreadful DreadfulWater is a retired investigator. He is living in a small town, enjoying a quiet life. A body disrupts the quiet, bringing DreadfulWater out of retirement and plunged into a case unlike one he has ever seen.
Melissa Yi – Human Remains
Dr. Sze is working on her stem cell research in Ottawa when discovers a corpse left in the snow. This leads to a string of deaths. She must uncover the mystery – the time is running out.
Elisabeth de Mariaffi – Hysteria
Hysteria is a …