Thrillers For The Pandemic Era

Pandemic-related thrillers are extremely popular during these coronavirus times. This guide provides the best titles of the sub-genre to get readers started.
From Stephen King to José Saramago, these novels range across different contemporary and classic styles.
I Am Legend
In Richard Matheson’s I am Legend, the entire world has been transformed into vampires and Neville is the last man standing. All the vampires are hungry for his blood.
Neville hunts during the day and creates a fortress in the night. For how long will he survive the war for his blood?
The Plague
The author of The Plague …

Canada’s Most Intriguing Crime Novels

4. John McFetridge – Black Rock (2015)
Black Rock is the first book of the series of Eddie Dougherty. Set in the city of Montreal, in 1970, it is centered around a wannabe-detective named Eddie Dougherty, and a young cop. The 1970s were a turbulent time in Montreal, featuring police kidnappings, bombings, strikes, and protests. McFetridge loves minimalist descriptions and humorous, tongue-in-cheek dialogue.
3. Peter Robinson – Innocent Graves (1996)
The wealthy and powerful man’s daughter has been murdered. Banks investigates the case and discovers that there…