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Halloween is a season not to celebrate the horror genre but to showcase unusual artistry with monsters and creatures as the principal hoodies themes. This is where cosplaying can never be an awkward activity only done by introverts and geeks. However, for kids, horror story characters might be too much for their imagination.

Good thing fantasy-themed characters are applicable in this dress-up occasion.

Your kid can go as his/her favorite superhero and that alone has so many options.

If you want your kid to look historically intellectual, you can dress him/her as a detective like Sherlock Holmes. If you want some geeky looks, being a scientist can be appealing. Here are some steps on how you can achieve the aforementioned costume themes.

Dress Like Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character who is a brilliant detective. His location is in England and the time period of his fictional stories is set in the 1800s. In order to achieve that 19th century-looking detective outfit, here are the steps you can follow:

For the detective coat, secure a table cloth with a checkered print of shades of brown and maroon. Make it a poncho by wrapping your kid around with it and connect the ends.

For the unique hat, get two baseball caps with plain white or brown color. Have your kid wear one with the visor facing on one side. Next, let him/her wear the other one on top of the previous cap now with its visor pointing on the opposite side.

For the magnifying glass, you can glue a brush handle to a tuna can, opened on two sides. You can paint it black to erase any distinctions.

Dress Like Superman

A superhero costume might be the easiest and most eye-catching. For this example, Superman is the most popular choice but exclude the wearing of tights.

For the superhero’s logo, there are custom t-shirts readily available with Superman’s iconic ‘S’ logo. Make it your kid’s uniform and ensure the colors are appropriate to the original costume.

For the red cape, you can use a rectangular fabric. A simple knot or a pair of clips can secure the ends around the neck area.

For the lower outfit, you can have your kid wear a swimming undergarment over the pants.

Dress Like A Laboratory Scientist

This type of costume may not be scary or empowering, but it can still stand out for being unique. Here are the simple steps you need to apply:

As a substitute for a white lab coat, have your kid wear a plain white shirt that is a bit loose. Attach 2 white CD sleeves, with the opaque side in the front, to the lower sides of the white shirt. This mimics the large front pockets.

To complete the laboratory-themed look, provide safety goggles and a clipboard with paper and a pen attached to it.


Dressing up aside from being a monster, horror movie character or supernatural creature can be fun. With just items found commonly at your home or old cabinets due to being unused, you can create a look of a detective, a scientist, or a famous superhero.

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