Our Story

Woodunit Canada was founded by journalists with a love for crime novels. We love everything stories centered on police procedurals,  thriller mysteries, and atmospheric noirs. Kindle, iBooks, and eBooks are of great interest to us.

We hope that we discover the most epic reads and share them with you on those platforms. However, we know that nothing beats holding a real book in your hands. We will not overlook traditional books either!

We aim to deliver concise articles that focus on the crime genre. We will explore with fictional hardboiled detectives, fiction Scandinavian crime, the Golden age, and contemporary crime novels. Wherever there is a story about crime and mystery and intrigue – we are on the case!

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts in the crime and mystery genre who are like-minded, very knowledgeable in the genre, and exceptional in their respective fields of journalism, and editorial work, and crime specialists. They are creating fantastic outputs and have been great contributors to our site.