Testosterone: A Novel by James Robert Baker – A Book Review

Testosterone: A Novel is a book written by James Robert Baker. This book already holds a bit of intrigue even before one flips through its pages as it was published only after the author’s death. James Robert Baker died on November 5, 1997, while the book was published in October of the year 2000.
What is the book about?
The book is not about the best testosterone booster pills, but it is aptly named as it can definitely end up boosting testosterone due to its numerous twists and turns. The story revolves …

How A Woman Becomes A Lake – Marjorie Celona

This novel is that and melancholy. It opens up in Washington State. Officer Côté discovers Vera Gusey’s abandoned vehicle beside a frozen lake.
Vera had called to inform the station of a boy who was lost. Before she finished the call, she was cut off, and now she had mysteriously disappeared.
The story is artful and filled with tension. It follows the father of the boy and Vera, and the pieced revelation of the mystery is tragically grim.
Celona explores Vera’s fate and the effect it had on all the characters. It focuses on abstract problems such as the duty to those who have died versus the loyalty that …

Last Impressions – Joseph Kertes

Tragicomically tender is a phrase that astutely describes the Last Impressions. Kertes resounds themes that have remained constant during his career.
How do you get over the past? How do you make history right again? How does a family overcome grief, especially when everyone is determined not to speak of it?
Last Impressions is centered on a survivor of the Holocaust, Zoltan Beck. Beck is determined to enjoy his old age and put the past behind him. He longs to preserve his children from the darkness of their past – unfortunately, the past keeps looming above them.
The past trauma easily bubbles to the surface, with …

Never Forget – Martin Michaud; Translated by Arthur Holden

Never Forget is accessible and unique, armed with continuity that is so pivotal for crime writers creating a series. The series increases in intensity, mystery, and perils with each novel, of which Never Forget is the third book of its series.
Never Forget is centered on Victor Lessard. Lessard is a police detective. He investigates the murder of a nameless female, and the story pans out with a homeless man with two wallets, and a cryptic threat to a lawyer.
The story gives hints of the backstory unobtrusively piquing the reader’s interests without providing a distraction from the propulsive happenings in the main narrative…

The Ghost in the House – Sara O’Leary

This novel does a superb job of identifying the characters’ corporeality, eschewing the mind games that usually accompany ghost plots.
The themes are centered on marriage, remarriage, grief, and love.
The story presents Fay’s awakening in her home in Vancouver. Her home looks different and her husband is unable to see her. She quickly discovers that she is dead, and her husband, Alec is remarried. Fay decides to haunt her family, however, she quickly realizes that there is only so far she can go to reinserting herself in their lives.
Alec is anguished, introspective, and frankly, a more interesting …

The Night Piece (2013) by André Alexis

This piece has a dreamlike, uncanny, and bizarre quality and displays Alexis’ strength and writing finesse.
It is set in Toronto Western Hospital’s ward. The ward centered on is the otherworldly version of the ward in the hospital.
The novella displays the corrosive atmosphere of fame, the irritating pettiness of literary poseurs and careerists as well as the fatally shooting reviewers whose only ability is to expressly fixate on their angle of interpretation.
It is a deep wellspring of literary art, and the final beauty of the mystery revealed at the end of the plot is mind-blowing.
Baddely, the …