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Never Forget is accessible and unique, armed with continuity that is so pivotal for crime writers creating a series. The series increases in intensity, mystery, and perils with each novel, of which Never Forget is the third book of its series.

Never Forget is centered on Victor Lessard. Lessard is a police detective. He investigates the murder of a nameless female, and the story pans out with a homeless man with two wallets, and a cryptic threat to a lawyer.

The story gives hints of the backstory unobtrusively piquing the reader’s interests without providing a distraction from the propulsive happenings in the main narrative.

Although created in a contemporary setting, the crimes have old roots in the 1960s, and the conspiracies span across borders.

This is a well-constructed art: the Montreal police and the numerous characters, as well as the humourous ridiculousness of some parts of the plot.

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