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This novel does a superb job of identifying the characters’ corporeality, eschewing the mind games that usually accompany ghost plots.

The themes are centered on marriage, remarriage, grief, and love.

The story presents Fay’s awakening in her home in Vancouver. Her home looks different and her husband is unable to see her. She quickly discovers that she is dead, and her husband, Alec is remarried. Fay decides to haunt her family, however, she quickly realizes that there is only so far she can go to reinserting herself in their lives.

Alec is anguished, introspective, and frankly, a more interesting character than Fay. We get insight into how he copes with Fay’s death, and his hope of keeping Fay in his life, instead of moving on.

The themes are mature, unsensational, and thoughtful. The mystery is intriguing but subdued enough that it is still a relaxing pre-bedtime read.

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