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Pandemic-related thrillers are extremely popular during these coronavirus times. This guide provides the best titles of the sub-genre to get readers started.

From Stephen King to José Saramago, these novels range across different contemporary and classic styles.

I Am Legend

In Richard Matheson’s I am Legend, the entire world has been transformed into vampires and Neville is the last man standing. All the vampires are hungry for his blood.

Neville hunts during the day and creates a fortress in the night. For how long will he survive the war for his blood?

The Plague

The author of The Plague is Albert Camus. The Plague is set in Algeria, where the bubonic plague outbreaks and threatens to wipe out the entire human population.

It is a haunting recall of the brilliance of human perseverance when faced with nature-propelled terrors.

The Stand

Stephen King’s The Stand depicts the ending of the world due to a computer error. It all happens in a nanosecond.

The new normal is very bleak: 99% of the world is wiped out, and the survivors choose sides. Randall Flag is evil, with unspeakable powers, and Mother Abigail is good, frail, and 108 years old.

The Stand is one of the finest works of Stephan King. The complete and revamped version launches readers in a complex world with new characters, greater depth, and epic complexities.

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